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What happens when someone can’t access the help they need or the people offering the help don’t know who needs assistance? Ingage helps by providing self-help resources, toolkits and materials to children and adults in need of support as well as link this individual with someone that can help.

Our Story

Ingage was founded in 2022 by Registered Counsellor, Cayley Jorgensen. With the vision of creating awareness and educating children, teenagers and adults on the mental health pressures of today’s online world. Through her counselling work, Cayley realised the need to make mental health resources more accessible to the larger population. This is where the idea for Ingage Support began.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Ingage is to create awareness for mental health and make help as accessible as possible, providing individuals with support through online counselling, offering mental health materials that have been developed by trained professionals as well as providing a platform that can equip each person with the foundational tools to cope through tough times.

Our Platform

What happens when someone can’t access the help they need or the people offering the help don’t know who needs assistance?

Ingage Support offers an innovative & unique solution to support, empower and upskill communities in accessing mental health resources as well as speaking up when someone needs help.

Who are we

How it works

Mental Health Resources

Research shows that 1 in 3 South Africans will at some point in their life, struggle with their mental health. Ingage provides a space where mental health resources and advice can be accessed from anywhere in the world. By providing self-help tips, information on mental health, signs to be aware of and guidance on how to help someone struggling - mental health awareness, prevention and empowerment will be strengthened at all levels of society.


There are resources on each topic for: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Parents, Caregivers, and Employees.

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Alert System

The Ingage Alert System offers your organisation the opportunity to encourage individuals to speak up and get help. 


This Alert System offers a space for an individual to reach out for help, either anonymously or by name, in a space that they are comfortable in, with the guarantee that someone on the other end will be able to assist.

Case-by-Case Monitoring

Immediate Notifications

User Friendly

24/7 Alert Support

POPIA Compliant

Privacy & Anonymity Guaranteed

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Mood Check-In

Keeping track of emotions, moods and feelings can help us to better understand our feelings and moods while allowing us to identify triggers and increase self-regulation techniques.

Our Mood Check-In feature allows individuals to regularly assess and track their emotional well-being.

Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans

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Teachers play an important role in educating learners about mental health and well-being, reducing the stigma as well as increasing access to help. Ingage classroom resources, lesson plans and activities were created with the hope of assisting teachers engage with their learners and make mental health resources more assessable.


Some of our resources for teachers include class activities, homework assignments, prevention campaigns and educational videos.

Administration System

Our Alert System combined with the Check-In Package allows you to obtain information that can help you implement prevention programs, campaigns and more importantly support your people and children in the places that they NEED you the most!

Accredited Trainings

At Ingage, we believe that teachers,  lecturers, managers, principals, healthcare workers & human resource practitioners are the first aid when it comes to the mental health of South Africans. We offer a diverse range of trainings which are being created on a constant basis in order to provide up-to-date information as well as the latest trends.

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How it works


Our Partners

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